Newsletters by Joseph Herrin

Click on this link to receive INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAILING this newsletter to others. PARABLES BOOKSHELF is a series of newsletters containing the books and selected writings of Joseph Herrin. They are formatted as a newsletter to be sent to men and women in prison, but can equally be used as a means to print out the writings on this website for anyone who desires to have them in a printable form.All who desire to do so are encouraged to download these files and print them out to share them with others. If you are using them as a teaching tool for men and women in prison, you are encouraged to begin with Issue 1.1.1 and to follow the numbers in sequence. This will ensure that a foundation is laid before progressing to more advanced teachings.
Overcoming Addiction by the Spirit of Christ
The Remant Bride
The Mark of the Beast
The Road from Babylon to Zion
Christ in You - The Hope of Glory
Evidence of Things Unseen
God’s Plan of the Ages
The Divine Quest
Sarah’s Children
The Marriage Covenant
Living Epistles
Laying Down the Law
The Way of the Disciple
Dragon Flood
Push Back
Yahweh’s Book
No Apologies
Attractive Deception - The False Hope of the  Hebrew Roots Movement
Lunacy and the Age of Deception
Shorter Teachings


Parables Bookshelf - 2-1-1

Possesing the Land

Parables Bookshelf - 2-2-1

Removing the High Places

Parables Bookshelf - 2-3-1

The Seven Days of Man

Parables Bookshelf - 2-4-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-4-2

The Origin of Sin and Satan

Parables Bookshelf - 2-5-1

Understanding Faith and Healing

Parables Bookshelf - 2-6-1

Waiting - The Ultimate Test,

The Untimeliness of God,

As Sparks Fly Upward,

A Spectacle Before Spectators

Parables Bookshelf - 2-7-1

Are you Judging Righteously?

The Issue of Judging

Parables Bookshelf - 2-8-1

Endurance (Parts 1-2),

Fear - The Enemy Within

Parables Bookshelf - 2-9-1

Divorced from Truth (Parts 1-7)

Parables Bookshelf - 2-10-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-10-2

Parables Bookshelf - 2-10-3

Gospel Chemistry,

Reviling Authorities

Parables Bookshelf - 2-11-1

The Next Appearance of Christ,

Joseph - Preparing the Body for Burial, The

Work that Refreshes

Parables Bookshelf - 2-12-1

Syncretism (Parts 1-8)

Parables Bookshelf - 2-13-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-13-2

Parables Bookshelf - 2-13-3

Explorers and Pioneers

to Serve as Guides (Parts 1-2)

Parables Bookshelf - 2-14-1

Meat from the Meek (Parts 1-6)

Parables Bookshelf - 2-15-1

The Hearing Ear (Parts 1-6)

Parables Bookshelf - 2-16-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-16-2

Under the Microscope (Parts 1-8),

The Second Boston Massacre

Parables Bookshelf - 2-17-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-17-2

Parables Bookshelf - 2-17-3

Wilderness Survival for Christians (Parts 1-6)    

Parables Bookshelf - 2-18-1

Parables Bookshelf - 2-18-2

The Great Gun Grab;

Gun Ownership and the Mind of Christ    

Parables Bookshelf - 2-19-1

Waco, Texas & the Weapons of Our Warfare;

The Religious Rat Race;

Time is Running Out

Parables Bookshelf - 2-19-2

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