Is divorce a sin? What does the Bible say about it?

The Marriage Covenant

There are many beautiful and profound parables in God’s design for sexuality. We must approach this subject with mature hearts and sound minds to arrive at a full understanding of His will for the union of man and woman. Almost half of marriages end up in divorce today. What does God think of that? The Bible clearly reveals His mind on the matter. The word apostasy means “a divorcement from the truth.” Those who have fallen from truth have done so because they love their own lives. They want to fulfill their own soul’s desires, rather than to love God above all other things. This great fall of Christendom has certainly impacted the doctrines surrounding the sanctity and holiness of the marriage covenant. To break faith is an act of treason. To divorce the wife of one’s youth is a treacherous act, and it happens with great regularity among Christians today. Great error has gone forth concerning the doctrines of marriage and divorce. Every Christian who fears God should study this topic with great diligence. They must rightly divide the word of God, not searching for something to support the conclusions they desire to arrive at. We will cover 7 foundation stones of marriage: • Covenants • The Body as a Temple • Lawful Polygamy • Plural Marriage • Life is in the Blood • The Hidden Cost of Free Sex • The Polluted Land • Betrothal • Glorious Union
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