Will the real Bible please stand up?

Yahweh’s Book

This book is all about The Bible and how we came to have so many translations. The Bible has gone through many phases in its writing. It has taken thousands of years for the word of God to culminate in what we call the Bible today. Yet how does one discern which translation is best? Could there be corrupt versions out there? Understanding how translations occur and where God’s holy book comes from will help you see the truth about the Bible. If you are questioning your faith, or are just plain confused because of apparent discrepancies, vagaries, or contradictions, “Yahweh’s Book” may help you clear the air and encourage a diligent investigative attitude regarding Scripture.  Remember, we must gird up our minds and prove the perfect and acceptable will of God! This in-depth look at Scripture reflects upon such subjects as: • The story and history of the Bible • The Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) • Translation errors • How the King James Version of the Bible was written • Why so many versions of the same book? • Hidden truths in the Bible and how one small word makes a difference • Looking at the original languages of the Bible, Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic • Definitive answers regarding interpretation and exposition • Is the Bible inerrant? • The two covenants/testaments • The manuscripts of the Bible • Chapter and verse • Naming (Mis)conventions • The necessity of a literal translation • Variant readings • Bible bias and the KJV-only believers • Unlocking the Bible - Knowledge will increase • Use it or lose it!
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