Godly Womanhood vs. the Jezebel Spirit

No Apologies

During my entire adult life I have been made to feel as if I must apologize for teaching a Biblical view of womanhood. What God has to say to women is highly unpopular today. Yahweh’s instructions to wives, and all women in the church, flies in the face of political correctness and current societal norms. The Biblical definition of a godly woman is offensive to the fallen human nature. God’s instructions to women in both the Old and New Testaments are viewed as backward, chauvinistic, and the undesirable offscouring of an ancient patriarchal society. The spirit of Jezebel has even found a home in the church. If you want to understand the Jezebel spirit, this book is a good place to start. • Jezebel and Idolatry • Jezebel and Sensuality • Jezebel and Masculinity • Casting Down Jezebel • Dissolving the Marriage Partnership • The Worth of a Woman • Keepers at Home • Labor Outside the Home
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