Exposing the truth of mass deception - the Moon landings

Lunacy & the Age of Deception

One of the most consistent messages in the New Testament is “Do not be deceived. Let us embark on a mission to explore and examine the extent to which the ruling powers of this age will go to pull the wool over the eyes of the whole world. This book examines NASA’s Apollo Moon Program in order to illustrate the pervasiveness of extraordinary deceptions which have been successfully carried out in recent generations. The purpose, however, is not simply to provide a monumental mound of evidence that the manned missions to the Moon were faked, but to demonstrate to Christians that we live in an age of profound illusion, and the majority of men and women in and out of the church are ripe for even greater deceptions to come. It is important to recognize that much of what is promulgated in the media is taken for granted as fact by the conditioned mass media culture who believe without reserve what they are fed. Serious exploration of the truth is largely ignored. Satan and his fallen angels are the rulers of this age. They have been cast down to the earth for their rebellion and they seek to deceive and corrupt the hearts of men by any means necessary. This in-depth look at Scripture reflects upon such subjects as: • The spirit of anti-Christ revealed in NASA • Who really controls America’s government? • Freemasons to the Moon • Industrial Light and Magic • Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and “Eyes Wide Shut” • Photographic fakery • The Van Allen Radiation Belts • Cover-ups and vanishing evidence • How to identify and avoid deception
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