Are we bound by Torah Law?

Laying Down the Law

In an hour when many saints are returning to being Torah observant and are embracing the Law, a more excellent way is revealed. Are you troubled by Christian denominations who say they have to keep the Law, including the Law of Moses, the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath and the Feast Days? Perhaps it is because they have not read the Scriptures to glean the following statement: Therefore, my brothers, you also were made dead to the law through the body of Christ, that you would be joined to another... Romans 7:4   How can you be separated from the Law unless you have been joined to Christ? The entire argument over the Law can be settled by answering this question. However, for those who need more, we will take a tour of the Bible like good Bereans in order to ensure the message is consistently confirmed. I have spent years in prayer and study in order to answer the question, "What is the role and duration of the Law?" The Scriptures are not silent on the matter. There are so many passages that seem to bind us under the Law, but there are so many more that clearly free us from the Law. Answering this one question, and answering it right, lays out the whole matter in plain sight. In my search for the truth Yahweh has led me to many Scriptures that do just that. If you are not living as Christ lived you are either still under the Law, or lawless. Christ showed us by example a better way. Is it the aim of our lives to follow His example? This in-depth look at Scripture reflects upon such subjects as: • Mosaic Law as a shadow of the Holy Spirit • The Hebrew Scriptures (Torah) and what they mean today • Why the law is inadequate • What “Be ye perfect” means • Being raised from children of Israel to sons of God • What Paul had to say about Hagar • The Law is for the lawless with stony hearts • If you stumble in one part of the Law • The law of liberty in Christ • Why we are a new creation • The New Covenant • Understanding difficult Scriptures • Walking by the Spirit of God
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