What is God’s divine plan for me?

God’s Plan of the Ages

“…so that God may be all in all.” Have you ever wondered what this phrase means exactly? Do you have a clear understanding of Bible eschatology, the scriptural "last days?" Are we living in the end times? What does it mean to be reconciled to God - to be sons and daughters of inheritance? This book addresses many controversial topics that can be quite divisive. It lays out in a clear and undeniable manner how the church has become involved with syncretism and universal, Babylonian ecumencism. The spirit of Babylon lives even in the heart of the church in these last days, just as Christ and the apostle Paul warned. “Do not be deceived” is a consistent message in the New Testament. Let us not profane the name of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua by believing and promoting ideas about Him that are not founded on biblical truth. As we walk through these pages The Bible’s overarching message will begin to become more and more apparent. Let the Spirit lead and guide you into all truth, and receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. These pages address such topic as: • The meaning of eternal life and the Greek word “aionian” • Eternal damnation, it’s meaning & where it comes from • Tartarus, King Sisyphus, King Ixion - Greek mythology in The Bible • The mercy seat & merciful covering - clothed in righteousness • End time harvests of the earth - Firstfruits (barley, wheat & grapes) • The ages of the earth • Predestination in The Bible • The firstborn of all creation - first born among many brethren • The parable of crossing the Jordan River • The soul that sins shall die • Unquenchable fire
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