Faith Depends on a Firm Foundation of Truth


Taking into account often debated topics within the faith, this book will help you understand the beginning so you can better understand the end. If you long to know who Yahshua/Jesus really is and are struggling with understanding Genesis in relation to the scientific and apologetic discourse in the mainstream media, this book is for you. If you are confused by the many strange doctrines being taught by false prophets, or are wondering if perhaps maybe even the church has some things wrong, then you will definitely be interested to hear what the Spirit says to the churches through this book. In these pages you are presented with a Biblically based examination of various foundational truths relating to the creation of the heavens and the earth. In a time of strange fire and false doctrines many issues Christians need to understand aright are explored. Learn to discern truth from error so you can stand firm on the Rock of salvation, knowing God and His will. Exploring such hot-button topics as: • The Gap Theory in relation to evolution including the dinosaurs • The Tower of Babel including the origins of languages and the spirit of Babylon • Signs in the heavens - Biblical astronomy/astrology and its relationship to prophecy • Giants in The Bible? Who were the nephilim? • The Serpent Seed doctrine and what it teaches about our first father and mother • The fall of Lucifer and his angels and how that affected the earth • The origin of Christ, the only begotten Son and the firstborn of all creation
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