Page 23 - The Remnant Bride
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Today this happens all too often. Unfortunately, our current Christian religious system

               is constructed in such a way that the minister and the Bride are thrust into a detrimental
               symbiotic relationship with each other. It is not uncommon to hear of ministers having

               affairs with members of the bodies they are called to minister unto. Yet, these outward and
               visible trespasses are merely the tip of the iceberg. For every minister that commits adultery

               with a member of the body, there are a thousand more who have emotional and soul ties
               between themselves and those they minister to that are immoral and which are considered

               as adulterous in God’s sight.
                     In the last 2000 years the body of Christ and her ministers have deviated from the

               callings placed upon them. Peter proclaimed to the body of Christ, “But you are a chosen
               race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, that you may

               proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous
               light” (I Peter 2:9). Somehow, we have changed this to mean that the ministers are a royal

               priesthood,  and  the  body  is  a  sub-class  we  call  laity.  The  ministers  “proclaim  the
               excellencies”” of God, and the body listens to them do it week by week.

                     This was not God’s purpose at all. God did not establish a laity in the body of Christ,

               nor did He establish a cadre of ministers who are superior to the rest of the body. The
               ministers are servants. They are to bring the body to the fulness of the stature of Christ.
               History clearly shows how we arrived where we are at now. Satan was the architect of the

               deception and the fleshliness of man was the motivating force that caused the church to

               adopt current forms. The error of the clergy/laity division was established largely due to two
               forces that both arise out of the flesh. There are some men who are driven by a desire to
               hold  positions  of  honor  and  preeminence,  and  there  are  others  who  have  found  the

               requirements of discipleship too demanding and who have sought a way to lessen the

               demands upon themselves.
                     The first group finds their flesh gratified though the false classification of clergy, and
               the latter finds theirs fulfilled in the equally false and less rigorous classification of laity.

               The two have formed a symbiotic relationship that fulfills the fleshly desires of both groups.
               This  arrangement  works  so  well  that  it  has  remained  in  place  for  centuries  and  has

               withstood  such  threats  to  it  as  The  Reformation  and  an  assortment  of  revivals.  This
               arrangement, however, is not according to God’s design. It keeps the Bride in a state of
               perpetual immaturity to the dissatisfaction of Christ.
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