Page 21 - The Remnant Bride
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attain  to  the  fulness  of  the  stature  that  belongs  to  Yahshua  the  Messiah.  When  one

               considers that Yahshua is the Head of the body, it makes sense to assert that the body is to
               attain to His fulness. The Head and the body are to be a perfect match for one another. It

               would be inappropriate to have a mature head attached to an immature body.

                     What must be the qualifications and character of these ministers whom Yahshua has
               given to bring forth this maturity? Imagine, these ministers are called to equip and build

               up the body so that it is an equitable match for the Head. What a tremendous responsibility.
               Indeed, apart from the grace of God, it is an impossible task to be charged with.

                     However, as awesome as the calling is upon the minister, the body has an even greater
               calling. For  she is to “grow  up in all  aspects into  Him, who  is the head, even Christ”

               (Ephesians 4:15). It has somehow become overlooked in this passage, and in the exercise

               of the responsibilities of ministers toward the body, that the minister is really not the
               important one in this relationship. The minister is merely a servant of God who is given

               duties in regard to the body. It is the body that is the true focus. This becomes apparent
               when we look back at Hegai’s role in regard to the virgins he was entrusted to oversee and

               prepare. King Ahasuerus desired a bride, even as Yahshua desires a Bride. He wanted a
               queen that was suited to himself. This is true of Yahshua as well. He desired a beautiful,

               purified virgin who would respond in obedience to him. The parallel between Christ and His
               Bride is easily seen here.

                     The eunuch was a minister of the king charged with the responsibility of preparing
               this bride for him. The eunuch was not the focus of the king’s desire, the bride was. The

               eunuch’s ministry and calling existed only as long as there were virgins to be made ready

               to meet the king. The eunuch served the king, but he did so by serving the young virgins
               being prepared for the king. In a very real sense, the eunuch’s calling was inferior to the

               virgins’ calling. It was a much greater honor to be the bride of the king than to be an eunuch
               minister who filled the temporary position of preparing the virgin to be a bride. Paul gave

               voice to this understanding in the following verse:

                       I Corinthians 4:10

                       We are fools for Christ's sake, but you are prudent in Christ; we are weak, but you
                       are strong; you are distinguished, but we are without honor.
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