Page 13 - The Remnant Bride
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hearted confessors of Christ as the butterfly is different from the caterpillar. They will not

               be content to remain in the Outer Court of the Tabernacle, satisfied with salvation and a
               promise of heaven. These will have a passion for knowing intimately the One who gave all

               for them.

                     It is this passion that will hold these faithful ones to the path of transformation. The
               path is difficult and comes at great cost, but the end is glorious and promises an assured

               habitation with the Son of God.
                     There  is  an  in-between  stage  that  occurs  as  a  caterpillar  begins  the  process  of

               becoming a butterfly. This stage is most vital. The caterpillar will never become a butterfly
               without this period of its existence. The caterpillar fashions a cocoon around itself. This

               cocoon becomes a hidden chamber where the miracle of metamorphosis occurs, out of

                     There doesn’t appear to be much activity in the cocoon. Caterpillars appear active.

               Butterflies appear active. But the cocoon seems to be lifeless. It appears as a sarcophagus
               of death. Those who desire the appearance of constant activity will not eagerly enter into

               the  cocoon.  Those  who  seek  comfort  above  conformity  to  Christ,  or  who  live  for  the
               opinions of men, will not willingly enter into this place. It is uncomfortable, confining, and

               does not make sense to the world, nor does much of the church understand its function. For
               these reasons, and others, many will shun this place of death and they will forfeit the greater

               glory and resurrection life that can be attained by no other way.
                     For the remnant portion of the Body of Christ who will follow wherever their Savior

               leads there is a cocoon stage, a death process, to which they must submit. This stage is vital

               and cannot be skipped over. It correlates to the wilderness portion of the trip from Egypt
               to the promised land of Israel. God will lead all of His children through this part of the

               journey, but few appreciate its significance. Some will not survive this part of the journey.
               Some will want to turn back. It is here that transformation takes place. It is here that flesh

               is stripped away and a spiritual being arises.
                     As with the butterfly, the Bride of Christ will be prepared in a hidden chamber. Her

               transformation will be veiled from the eyes of the world, and from much of the church, as

               well. These will see her emerge and will wonder at the miracle that has taken place. Yet,
               even in knowing, many will not submit to the process required for the glory of God to be
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