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The Bride and the Butterfly

               L   ook again at the cover of this book. Note how distinctly different the caterpillar and the
                   butterfly are in appearance. They would seem to not be related in any way, yet they are

               one and the same creature. An awesome transformation takes place in the life of this
               amazing insect. The transformation is so radical and complete that this insect has two

               different names. At one period of its existence it is called a caterpillar. At another, it is called
               a butterfly.

                     In the same way, God has changed the names of men and women whom He has

               transfigured. Abram became Abraham. Sarai became Sarah. Jacob became Israel. Cephas
               became Peter. Their names were changed after they were transfigured by an encounter with

                     In these last days before the return of Christ, there is another amazing transfiguration

               which must take place. A Bride will be fashioned and formed; a Bride that is radiant; a Bride
               without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. This Bride will be

               awesome to behold. She will be a fit Bride for the Son of God.

                     The metamorphosis that must take place in order for the Bride to be revealed is no less
               radical than that of the caterpillar into a butterfly. The world will see the change and stand

               in awe. The Holy Spirit, even now, is at work to call forth a Bride out of the church, to wash
               her, to transform her, to make her ready.

                     Some who read of this transformation will be incredulous. They will look at the fleshly
               caterpillar that the church now resembles and balk at the prospect of a butterfly coming

               forth from her. Some will believe it is merely wishful thinking. Others will believe the timing

               is off; they will believe that the church will be transformed, but only after the saints get to

                     There will be those, however, who read and believe. There will be those who, being
               washed by the water of the word, find faith arising in their hearts. They will allow the

               transforming work of God’s Spirit to perform miracles in their lives. It is these who will
               receive a new name. They will be called “the Bride of Christ.”

                     It is appropriate that these receive a new name. They are in actuality a whole new type

               of creature. They will be as different from the mass of nominal church goers and half-
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