Page 11 - The Remnant Bride
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This is the area of sanctification, being conformed to the image of Christ. A part of this

               conformity  is the call to bear fruit in righteous and holy lives set apart unto God. Yahshua
               said that we are to bear much fruit and thereby glorify His Father (John 15:8). Whether we

               bear little fruit, or much fruit, we are still children of God by faith, but it is to our benefit

               to bear much fruit. When Yahshua returns with His reward in His hand, it will be rendered
               “to every man according to what he has done.”

                     Some in teaching the grace of God have erred in negating the importance of works and
               obedience in the life of the saint. Yahshua has not lessened the importance He attaches to

               these things. In the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation, Yahshua begins
               each one by stating “I know your works.”” He does not say “I know your faith,” or “I know

               your heart.” In truth, our heart and our faith are revealed in our works, and apart from our

               works there is no other way for them to be revealed. This is why Yahshua states that a tree
               is known by its fruit (Matthew 12:33).

                     My hope for you as you read this book is that you might be provided with some
               encouragement to more passionately pursue Yahshua the Messiah. Much of the current

               teaching of  the  church  actually  does  much  to  discourage  a  sold  out  life  to  Christ.  By
               neglecting the teaching of personal reward, or by teaching falsehoods such as that which

               asserts all believers will share the same honor and glory for eternity, the body has been
               lulled into complacency. After confessing Christ as Savior and Lord there seems to be little

               else that many Christians are encouraged to do.
                     Being born of the Spirit is but the beginning. This salvation corresponds to the Outer

               Court of the Tabernacle. The true glory is where the presence of God is found. This is in the

               Most Holy Place. Only those who have been purified and refined can enter into the Most
               Holy Place. Only those who have allowed the working of the cross to put to death the deeds

               of the flesh can abide in the presence of God. This is the calling of the Bride of Christ.
                     If you have a passion for the Lord Yahshua the Messiah, if you long to know what the

               Father is looking for in fashioning a Bride for His Son, then this book is for you. May you
               be challenged by these words and may your heart be stirred with a more passionate pursuit

               of the One who is pursuing you.
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