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The Foundation of Truth, Wisdom, and Knowledge

               An appropriate place to begin a book titled FOUNDATIONS is to speak of  the foundation of
               Christian truth. Where does spiritual revelation come from? How does a man or woman arrive at the
               knowledge of the truth, specifically those truths that are the focus of the Bible? Let us begin to
               answer these questions by considering what passes for truth today.

               At this present hour there are a myriad of books being marketed to the millions who identify
               themselves as Christians. Many of these books are fantastical. Their subject matter ranges from
               stargates to nephilim, ancient astronauts (aliens) to the spawn of the serpent and Eve. These writings
               allure with a promise of mysteries explained. They titillate with conspiratorial theories of the
               working of Satan in these last days before the return of Christ.

               These books are rife with error, spurious conjecture, and unsupported speculation. Imaginative
               descriptions of the ancient history of the creation, and spectacular predictions of future events, are
               boldly proclaimed. A wide range of Scripture passages are cited as “proof” of an author’s theories.
               Yet, a careful examination of the Scriptural interpretations and arguments presented reveals their
               naked deception. Sensational doctrines are revealed to be founded upon faulty exegesis (critical
               explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of Scripture). The author is revealed to have
               practiced unethical eisegesis (an interpretation that expresses the interpreter's own ideas, or bias,
               rather than the meaning of the text).

               Nevertheless, many readers never discover the error. The vast majority of Christians today have
               neglected to devote themselves to the study of the word of God. In fulfillment of the ministry
               entrusted to me, I encounter these individuals frequently. I am appalled at the absence of Bible
               knowledge among people who have been Christians 5, 10, 20, even 30 years or more. Many have
               rarely opened the Bible outside of a church service. Few have made the apprehension of Biblical
               truth a focus of their lives. They have been content to let others tell them what to believe, and to
               permit strangers to interpret the Bible for them.

               One of the complaints I frequently hear in letters sent to me is that the Bible is a closed book, hard
               to understand, and that study of it is dry and bereft of fruit for the individual. Having found the Bible
               to be an enigma, its treasures difficult to mine, its secrets shrouded as if by an impenetrable veil,
               many Christians lose interest. Because the fruit of knowledge and understanding does not drop
               readily into their grasp, many Christians abandon personal Bible study.

               The veil over the Scriptures perceived by these individuals is not an illusion. It is quite real. In the
               Bible we read:
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