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               Psalms 11:3
               If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

               It first entered my mind some years ago to write a book that addressed the beginnings of the creation.
               It seemed needful to lay a solid foundation for understanding the first things pertaining to this
               creation: the first appearance of the Son of God; the formation of the heavens and the earth; the
               creation of the angelic hosts; and the birth of mankind.

               We live in an hour when there is much discussion in the church about ancient times. Doctrinal
               models pertaining to the state of humanity before the flood of Noah, the appearance of Nephilim -
               giants and mighty men of old who were the offspring of fallen angels and women, theories of alien
               visitors, and Kabbalistic teachings about an evil race of mankind referred to as “the serpent seed,”
               have become the fodder for Internet discussion, best selling books, and Hollywood productions.

               There is a vast amount of error being taught about these matters. Rarely does one encounter teaching
               which is Biblically sound. Satan seems intent in sweeping all mankind away on a tidal wave of false
               histories, fictional mythologies, and lying fables. If Christians do not understand the beginnings of
               their history, and the rudimentary facts of the creation of God, they become easy prey for false
               doctrines and speculative fantasies that captivate the naive and Scripturally ignorant.

               In this hour, many Christian teachers and authors are looking to extra-Biblical sources: apocryphal
               writings, pseudepigrapha, the occult teachings of Kabbala, the holy books of false religions, even
               the writings of Freemasons and Rosicrucians, to guide them. An increasing number of books and
               blog sites are serving up teachings derived from unclean, Satanically inspired sources which are
               unwisely  used  as  guides  for  interpreting  the  Bible.  The  result  is  a  growing  darkness  that  is
               permeating the culture of the church of Christ.

               This book will look to the Bible alone, and the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, as the authorities upon
               which an understanding of the foundations of this present creation might be established. There is a
               Latin saying that is recorded as “hominem unius libri timeo.” Translated into English the statement
               reads, “I fear the man of a single book.” This saying is attributed to Thomas Aquinas. By this phrase
               he meant to convey that a man who has thoroughly mastered one good book is dangerous as an

               The Bible is THE Good Book. To many who occupy the seats of teaching among the body of Christ,
               the Bible has become a secondary source of information. Like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
               Day Saints who interpret the Bible through the matrix of The Book of Mormon, many bloggers, book
               authors, and Christian teachers are promulgating spurious explanations of Bible passages as they
               look to an array of extra-Biblical writings for insight.

               What the church needs are saints who have cut their teeth in the study of the Bible. It needs men and
               women who have immersed themselves in that text which alone bears the testimony of being written
               by “men moved by the Holy Spirit who spoke for God” (II Peter 1:21). Rather than interpreting the
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