As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (I Peter 4:10)
Audio Files by Joseph Herrin
Talks given at the Macon Rescue Mission Chapel Services (October 2006 - March 2008)
Greenleaf Gathering (October 2006)
The Cross and Surrender Series - Fort Wayne, Indiana (August 2008)
Ministry Trip Across America - Message to the Saints (March - May 2009)
Ministry Trip Across America - Message to the Remnant (2010)
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The history of Israel going in to possess the Land of Promise is looked at as a type and shadow of Christians taking possession of the land of their flesh.
Even as Joshua led the Israelites in to possess the land of promise, so Christians are led by the captain of their salvation, Yahshua (English-Joshua), to take possession of the land of the flesh which they inhabit.
The Scriptures reveal that there are distinctions made between Christians. The highest tier are called the Overcomers. The saints are exhorted to press on toward the high calling of the overcomer.
How does the life of Christ loose men from their captivity to sin? What really transpired, and how it effects men and women today is explored.
 The church’s replacement of the seven Holy Days of Yahweh outlined in Leviticus 23 with holidays that are filled with pagan elements is one evidence to the fact that we are living in the last days.
 The speaker’s personal testimony is used to show that the pattern of faith revealed in Abraham’s life is still applicable to those who would be the friend of God today.
The Scriptures record the first question that man asked God was, “Am I my brother’s keeper.” The entire remainder of the Bible reveals Yahweh’s answer to man’s question.
 The hour is late. A time of great distress is coming to the nations. Yahweh’s path of preparation to survive in desperate days is disclosed.
There are two types of men in this earth. There are natural men born of the first Adam, being body and soul. There are also spiritual men who have undergone a second birth, a spiritual birth, and they are body, soul and spirit.
The gospel message presented in the majority of churches today bears no resemblance to the gospel proclaimed by Christ and His apostles. This is a challenging message for those who have ears to hear.
Much of the church today wants to behold only the kindness of God, failing to understand that holiness is perfected in the fear of God (II Corinthians 7:1). The saints are reminded that God will not be mocked.
 Amazing parallels are seen between the lives of Joseph the son of Jacob, and Jesus the Son of God. Both men followed a path of glory to humility to even greater glory.
When many believers should be eating meat, they are only able to receive milk. The believer is urged to move onto maturity, and the things that will keep them perpetually immature are revealed.
Numerous types and parables in Scripture are looked at to reveal the truth that we must either submit to discipline as sons, or we will receive judgment as the enemies of God.
There is a simplicity to God’s plan for us to follow Him as a Shepherd leads forth His flock. The challenge is to die to our own plans, will and desires that we might surrender to His leadership.
The disciples asked Yahshua what would be the sign of His return and He declared there would be “signs in Sun and Moon and stars and upon the earth.” The signs are being given now, though few are observing them.
The children of God are exhorted to walk in the understanding that every step of their life is ordered by God to prepare them for future service in His kingdom.
This message looks at the limits Yahweh places upon His striving with mankind against sin, and answers the questions of believers who are troubled with the thought that God may have already given them over to their sin.
The Scripture has been fulfilled “God gave them the desire of their heart, but sent leanness to their soul” (Psalms 106:15). The path back to inner peace and fulfillment is revealed.
For a season Yahweh has allowed slaves to dwell in His house (slaves to sin), but Yahshua declared that “The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son does remain forever” (John 8:35).
The Scriptures speak of Moses fashioning a bronze serpent on a pole for the healing of the people after they had been bitten by serpents.  We look beyond the historical story to understand the spiritual message contained in this event.
Hearing God’s voice and responding in faith and obedience is the mark of the true saint. Examples are given from Scripture and from the speakers own life of the supernatural nature of real Christianity.
Understanding what it means to be “In Christ” is vital to all who would walk as overcomers “in Christ.” Experiencing freedom from bondage to sin is only realized as one apprehends the truth of their unity with Yahshua.
As the day of the Lord’s return approaches it will become even more vital that His children are at all times exactly where He desires them to be, doing precisely what He has called them to do.
Many examples of God walking with the speaker in intimate communication, and in miraculous provision are given with the intent of provoking the men at the Macon Rescue Mission to jealously desire the same fellowship with God.
This was my last message given to the men and women during chapel service at the Macon Rescue Mission. I did not know before I got up to speak, what my topic would be. The Spirit directed.
The Scriptures are looked at as a book of Parables wherein every historical event, every miracle of Yahshua, every Law given, can be understood not only on a physical level, but as a type, shadow and parable.
The Holy Spirit is emphatically declaring that the message of a cross appointed to every disciple of Christ must be understood and embraced.
Surrender of all personal initiative is revealed to be at the heart of every disciple’s call and it is what leads the overcomers to discovery of the cross appointed specifically for them.
 From Genesis to Revelation, from the Law of Moses to Christ’s miracles, parables are shown to be found where many Christians rarely expect them.
A profound message that reveals the only acceptable source of power to accomplish the will of God as that will is made known to the saints.
The lateness of the hour and the imminent return of Christ to gather His elect from the four corners of the earth is set forth. The birth of a full stature body of saints is revealed to be precipitated by birth pangs throughout the earth.
The ways of God in perfecting His sons and daughters through trials and difficulties are examined. The life of faith, and life surrendered to the direction of the Spirit are revealed to be integral parts of an overcoming walk.
The Spirit is declaring to the people of God in this hour that they must all be brought to either be joined to the beast system of this world, or to cast themselves wholly over into the hands of God, taking up their cross daily to follow Christ.
This talk was evidence of the truth of the statement “When I am weak, He is strong.”  The anointing of Christ was present to bring great encouragement to the saints who were gathered. This is a very present word for the hour which is upon the church.
I encourage all the saints of God to listen to this message that they might be strengthened and encouraged in readiness for days of tribulation that are fast approaching.
The messages are intended to prepare Christ’s overcomers to embrace a fully surrendered life at this hour when sons must be perfected who will be qualified to rule and reign with Him during the fast approaching Millennial period.
A word of exhortation to saints hearing the call to follow the Spirit of Christ in an abandoned walk. The giant of fear is especially addressed, and assurances given that our God will fight for us.
This talk looks at the seven days of creation as a parable of the path all men must walk in order to attain to Sabbath rest, which is God’s intended destination for His sons.
Those listening to this talk were greatly moved by the Spirit of Christ at the end of the session, with weeping and much conviction of the need to embrace a full surrender to the Spirit of Christ.
Signs of the return of the Lord are revealed and the path believers must walk is set forth that they might be ready for His soon return.
Yahshua said there was not only a gate to be entered, but there is an afflicted path that must be walked, if a man or woman would enter into life.
The types and shadows of the preeminence of the firstborn sons in the Old Testament are examined to understand the prize of attaining to the first resurrection.
Christ said “afflicted is the way that leads to life, and few there are who find it.” The saints are exhorted to choose this seldom traveled way that they might receive the divine life of sons.
A son who is conformed to the image of Christ will live for the will and pleasure of the Father. The saints are exhorted to adopt this mindset.
Some Christians answer the call to live the pioneer life, facing hardship and adventure. Others live as settlers, living behind walls built to shield them from all danger.
A Biblical perspective of the purpose of the woman’s creation and her path to fulfillment is set forth in this message.
Moedim is the Hebrew word for “appointed times.” The speaker shares that Yahweh has appointments for all His children. We must choose whether we will keep those appointments.
The importance of understanding correctly future matters is revealed as this  understanding is linked to a willingness to take up one’s cross, to turn away from the  fleeting pleasures of this world, in anticipation of glorious things to come. 
The role of love as the summation of the entire Law of God, and as an expression of  Yahweh’s nature, is explored.
The Scriptures reveal that Yahweh deliberately orders our steps to bring us to places where our flesh is provoked, not getting what it wants, in order that He might test us, to reveal what is in our hearts.
The apostle Paul provides a test of true Christianity, and he exhorts professing believers to examine themselves to see whether they are in the faith.
This message examines current myths regarding the future of the saints in heaven and reveals that much of what is accepted in this hour as truth is actually doctrines of demons.
God’s goal for the speech of a Christian is that it be both pure and powerful. Some of the key stumbling blocks in attaining to Yahweh’s desire are examined.
Many Christians find that they have no power to overcome sin, but wonder why. The answer for multitudes is revealed in this challenging message.
The Old Testament observance of Sabbath laws are shown to be a shadow and type of the true spiritual rest that all saints must strive to enter into.
Joseph Herrin shares a testimony where every trial, sorrow and loss is met with the profound grace and comfort of Christ.
A panoramic view of Yahweh’s work with mankind from the creation to the future ages of glory, power and authority is set forth. Mysteries are unveiled, and the deep things of God are delved into.
Numerous examples from Scripture are cited to reveal the truth that there will be vast distinctions among Christians in the resurrections. Also, the three resurrections are discussed.
Christ did not come merely that men might be forgiven of their sins and go to heaven when they die. The goal of Christ’s work was to produce glorified sons for the Father.