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As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (I Peter 4:10)
Articles by Joseph Herrin
The writings available on this page are compiled from many years of Internet ministry. Some of these writings are focused  upon laying a foundation of Biblical truth. Others are admonitions for those who are walking as disciples of Christ, offering   understanding and encouragement of the path appointed to them. A significant number of these writings are prophetic.  They focus on current events and seek to alert the saints to the hour they live in and those things that are occurring.  To help you differentiate between the various genre of writings, the following images will be used.  Bible Teaching\ Discipleship\ Current Events\  Doctrine Christian Walk Prophecy Clicking on the icons will open a PDF file of the writing. Mousing over the icon will pop up key words related to the content  of the writing. The writings are divided into two sections. There are writings originally posted in multiple parts as serial publications. These  are akin to small books. Most of them contain abundant illustrations and pictures. Below them are standalone articles on  various subjects.  May you be blessed with peace and understanding as you read. 
Serial Writings Solo Writings
Babylon Rising  (February 2012)
Endurance (October 2008)
On the Road with  the Holy Spirit  (May 2010)
Prison, Praise and  Promotion (August 2011)
Road Signs  (April 2009)
Savage Wolves  (September 2008)
Syncretism (February 2010)
The Chastisement  of Sons  (March 2012)
The Costa Concordia  Disaster  (January 2012)
The Quest  (June 2009)
Thorns in the  Desert  (April 2009)
Under the Microscope -  Examining All Things  Carefully  (April 2011)
Wilderness Survival for Christians (April 2010)
A Church Without  Ears  (October 2001) 
A Day of Panic  (September 2008) 
A Dream Worthy  of Suffering  (April 2011) 
A Father’s Joy  (July 1998) 
A Message in  the Heavens  (December 2008) 
A Ministry to  the Few  (January 2010) 
A Rockefeller  Christmas  (December 2010) 
A Spectacle Before Spectators (January 2001) 
A Whisper on the Wind (August 2002)
A Wilderness Experience (July 2009)
A Wilderness Sign (May 2011)
Alas, Babylon (May 2008)
Alas, Babylon (February 2009)
America - Drinking the Cup of Bitterness (July 2010)
America’s Fall is Certain (July 2008)
America’s Swan Song (February 2009)
Another Gospel (May 2008)
Are You Judging Righteously? (November 2000)
As Sparks Fly Upward (November 2009)
Awake O Sleeper (February 2009)
Barack Hussein Obama - Antichrist? (November 2008)
Bootes - He is Coming (March 2008)
Carbon Footprint (November 2008)
Christchurch Earthquake - The Great Shaking (September 2010)
Circe - Church - Harlot (December 2010)
Comet Lovejoy Survives (December 2011)
CROSSing Over into Faith (August 2002)
Deconstructing Babel (September 2008)
Divorced from Truth (November 2008)
Don’t Use the ‘J’ Word (Judgment) (September 2001)
Double Witness - The Day the Music Died (April 2012)
Dreams of Destruction (May 2012)
Drowning in Deception (May 2012)
Drying Up the Waters of Babylon (October 2007)
Explorers and Pioneers to Serve as Guides (April 2008)
fActs of Deception (February 2012)
Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), Lent and Easter (February 2009)
Feed My Sheep (April 2010)
Focus on the Sun (June 2012)
Gospel Chemistry (July 2008)
Hanna - Ike - Josephine (September 2008)
Hellís Pharmacy (August 2009)
Herding Swine into the Arms of the Beast System (April 2009)
In Quietness and Confidence... (July 2000)
Should Women Speak in Church? (November 2011)
Internment Coming (May 2012)
Isaac’s Storm (September 2008)
Joseph - Preparing the Body for Burial (April 2008)
Liberty Post Mortem (March 2010)
Mammon’s Heavy Burden (November 2000)
No More Liberty (April 2012)
No More Peace (March 2009)
Obama - Lincoln (January 2009)
Obama the Destroyer (November 2010)
Operating in a Heavenly Power (June 2012)
Other Are Preparing, Should You? (May 2012)
Passing Through the Ring of Fire (May 2012)
Pay Attention (May 2010)
Peace is Being Removed from the Earth (May 2012)
Peace is Being Removed - A Second Witness (May 2012)
Peace Lies Shattered on the Ground (February 2003)
Pioneers, O Pioneers (May 2009)
Resting in the Confidence of His Love (April 2003)
Reversal of Fortune (My 2012)
Reviling Authorities (September 2001)
Rowing Backward into the Future (December 2011)
Sarah Palin, Champion of Christianity? (September 2008)
Saviors on Mount Zion (November 2009)
Shaking Christ’s Church (February 2011)
Sheep and Doves (May 2011)
Should a Christian Woman Wear Sexy Clothing?
Should Ministers Be Paid? (April 2003)
Sinister Deeds (October 2009)
Sinister Things Coming (July 2009)
Soap Bubble in Cygnus (July 2009)
Spelling it Out for the Church (May 2009)
State of the Union, The Quiet Coup (May 2010)
Stick to What You Know (July 2008)
Suffering Reproach (June 2003)
Super Bowl XLVI, Strange Flesh and Giants (February 2012)
Thank You Lord for the Cross (November 2010)
The Arc (Yes Arc) (November 2010)
The Ark - Yahweh Provides (October 2010)
The Ark Nearing Ship Shape (November 2010)
The Ark Takes Shape (November 2010)
The Church Bells All Were Broken (February 2011)
The Crash (May 2012)
The Crucible of God (January 2001)
The Disintegration of Columbia (January 2003)
The Dragon and the Time of Indignation (May 2012)
The Dreamer (December 2010
The Dreamer Revisited (January 2011)
The Dreamer (Joseph) (October 2008)
The Enslavement of America (March 2008)
The Garment of Humility (July 2008)
The Great Escape, or Glory? (February 2001)
The Holocaust Cycle (March 2010)
The Humble Bean (May 2012)
The Invitation (August 2011)
The Issue of Confidentiality (November 1999)
The Issue of Judging (June 2000)
The Jezebel Spirit (December 2011)
The Leavening of the Church (April 2001)
The Left Hand of the Beast (July 2009)
The Lion, the Bear, and Goliath (October 2000)
The Luciferian Foundations of America (October 2007)
The Necessary Fear of God (March 2001)
The Next Appearance of Christ (January 2009)
The Origin of Sin and Satan (October 2007)
The Parable of the Gulf Oil Spill (June 2010)
The Passion of Mel Gibson (February 2004)
The Poisoned Passion Fruit of Mel Gibson (July 2001)
The Peril of Self-Pity (July 2001)
The Power of God to Accomplish His Will (July 2003)
The Rat Race of the Religious System (July 2010)
The Shattered People (September 2002)
The Sign of Jessica Lynch (July 2003)
The Significance of the Beard (July 2000)
The Slaughter Solution (March 2010)
The Sun will be Darkened (July 2010)
The Supernatural Character of Coming Days (March 2009)
The Third Appearance of Christ (April 2008)
The Trail of Tears (May 2009)
The Untimeliness of God (June 2000)
The Usage of Divine Names (August 2001)
The Wanderer (October 2009)
The Wisdom of Serpents (September 2008)
The Work that Refreshes (1993)
Tithing - Is it to be Practiced Today? (November 2011)
To the Angel of the Mormon Church (June 2009)
True and False Revival (May 2008)
Truth is Not Optional (April 2011)
Understanding Faith and Healing (October 2009)
Waiting, the Ultimate Test (June 2000)
What God has to Say About Chuch Leadership (2000)
What’s in a Name? (March 2012)
When Giants Fall (January 2012)
When Sheep Fight Back (May 2011)
Why It’s Not Enough (October 2011)
With Malice and Forethought (September 2008)
Yahweh Speaks through a Heart Attack (January 2008)
Yahweh, His Breath, and His Word (June 2003)
Why the Bible Does NOT Condemn Slavery (April 2010)
The Hearing Ear (August 2012)
Expatriates (July 2013)
The Darkness Draws Nearer (April 2013)
Wreck-It Ralph (May 2013)
What’s the Big Deal About Christmas? (December 2014)
Interracial Relationships (March 2014)
The Orderly Procession of the Spirit and the Gift of Tongues (July 2013)
Double Jeopardy (May 2014)
Deception (May 2014)